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Modular Trailers – Multi Axle, Hydraulic Platform Trailer
液压轴线车 – 模块车, 液压平板车
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CHINA HEAVY TRANSPORTER is the Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Modular Trailers (Multi Axle), Hydraulic Platform Trailer in China. Manufacturing different models and can be fully compatible with Original Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MDED, COMETTO 51M. Our clients are located in over 50 countries – 9,000 axle lines Modular Trailers sales – Largest hydraulic multi axle trailer export factory – No.1 in China.
CHINA HEAVY TRANSPORTER Philosophy is that we manufacture the most Reliable products in most Reasonable price. We want something improved. We offer Better capacity, competitive price, After-Sale Service, Technical Training and spare parts supply chain. We’re always looking for the long term, high availability, cost-effective, we always try to provide a solution not just a product.

Your Advantages
More than 9,000 axle lines in over 50 countries, No.1 in China
Extremely robust durable construction, high load bearing capacity
Longitudinal and lateral combination module
Box-shaped center frame with integrated air and hydraulic oil tank
+/-300mm hydraulic lifting suspension compensation
High point load in the center tube and the closed outer fields
Front and rear bolt-clutch for longitudinal combinations
Pendant axle aggregate at swivel head mounted on the vehicle frame
Hydro-pneumatic gas pressure accumulator suspension
Hose rupture safety valve on all axle aggregates
Chassis has integrated, hydro-mechanical 2-circuit all wheel steering
Maximum steering + / – 55° in all ride heights
Steering in the middle 1 pair of integrated steering cylinder in frame
2-line all-wheel air brakes and spring-loaded parking brake
Complete 4-way piping for optimum combination of the modules
Valve, pipeline, coupling and sealing parts are all from Europe
Extensive Accessory options ensure multi functional usability

The box-shaped center beam with its stable cross beams offers a high degree of frame stability and thereby optimal loading options. The pneumatic and hydraulic oil tanks as well as the steering system are integrated into the chassis frames and are thereby protected from damage. A reinforced loading platform enables extremely concentrated loads. The optimised lashing coupling ensures trouble-free combination of the longitudinal combinations.
Axle compensation
Hydraulic axle compensation for the individual swing axles can be connected to differing support circles depending on the load, in order to ensure uniform axle loads. This guarantees optimal longitudinal and lateral compensation in uneven terrain and also regulates extrem crossfalls .
A hydro-mechanical all-wheel mechanically controlled 2-circuit steering system ensures that full functionality is maintained, even in the event of failure in one of the steering circuits. The steering angle is up to +/- 55° and the steering can be quickly adapted to the corresponding vehicle combination via the track rods which are accessible from above. An electronic steering synchronisation system is additionally available for vehicles in a free combination.
Accessories and Combination Options
CHINA HEAVY TRANSPORTER offer optional extensive range of accessories to enhance your professional transport solution


Hydraulic Modular Trailer 19 Lines

100 Axle Lines SPMT

20 axle line Goldhofer THP/SL model hydraulic Modular Traile

48 axle lines Goldhofer PST/SL model SPMT transport 420t Col

Historical Buildings Relocation Transportation by SPMT








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