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Wind Blade Trailer
Extendable Trailer is widely used to transport wind blade, this can be extendable to three grades, generally second extendable in the middle and one extendable at the rear section. The length is from 40m to 55m and capacity is 50Tons with 3 axle or 4 axle.
Suspension &Steering
Can be equipped with either hydraulic or pneumatic suspension.
Various axle steering systems can be used:
Rigid axles/Spring Suspension
Friction-steered axles
Knuckle-steering (hydraulic) axles
Pendle axles
Equipment & Accessories
Can be tailored individually to the transport requirements.
Here are just a few of the options available:
Extendable up to 4 x (telescoping)
Cranked loading platform
Fifth wheel heights to suit tractor units with very low design (height of 950 mm) Hydraulic suspension with roller foot, Hydraulic gooseneck
Stanchion posts.


Wind Turbine Blade Trailer - www.heavytransporter.com
Wind Tower Section:
Transporting wind tower segments can be effected with portal decks or with special tower adapters depending on the tower design. The adapters can easily be adjusted to the  individual  pipe  diameter  and  be  firmly  connected to the tower segment. HUAYUN is presenting a new innovative, telescopic  adapter  technology.  Not  just  wind
towers can now be moved with this adapter,  it  is  also  designed  to  transport  VESTAS  V90  nacelles. The adapter has special clamps that  enable  secure  transportation  of  the  VESTAS
V90 nacelles.Wind tower segments up to 120 tonnes and with  an  internal  diameter  of  5500mm  can be moved. The adapter is precisely adjusted to the individual segment via remote control.
Vehicles technologies for the transportation of Wind Power Plants.
Your advantages:
- Heavy-duty vehicle design with extreme manoeuvrability – optimal for transporting heavy offshore components
- Comprehensive vehicle and accessories programme for almost any transportation task
- Millimetre-precise positioning of components at the place of storage or assembly
- Intensive cooperation with the customer throughout all project phases
-  Specific solutions are discussed and worked out in detail together with the
customer and implemented successfully
- International Customer Support and After-Sales-Service
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wind tower transport (3)
Wind Tower Trailer 1 - www.heavytransporter.com
Wind Nacelles
Additionally, a wide range of heavy-load combination vehicles from HUAYUN are available to transport nacelles of different weight classes. Depending on dimensions and weight, vehicle combinations can be configured that accurately match the transportation task in hand. HUAYUN are experts when  it  comes  to  road  transport.  Combined  with  -  or  without  -  flatbed  or  portal  decks,
the combinations guarantee extremely cost-effective transport. Pendulum axles give it a high ground clearance when moving off-road and  steering  axle  displacement  up  to  60° provides  manoeuvrability  at  the  operation site.
Nacaelle (3)
Nacaelle (4)


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